Searching our other registers

Find out about businesses and organisations registered in New Zealand

On the Companies Office websites, you can search for information about a number of different types of business and not-for-profit entities.

The information on these other registers may be useful to you, for example, when you are choosing a name for your society, and need to be sure it is available.

It’s free to search most of our registers, and you don’t need a login to do so.

Searching for companies

For information about New Zealand companies, and overseas companies registered in New Zealand, you can search the Companies Register.

Search for a company

Searching for other businesses and organisations

A number of other business and entity types can be searched using a single search tool. The business and entity types searchable in this way includes sole traders, partnerships, trusts, public sector, limited partnerships (NZ and overseas), incorporated societies and charitable trusts.

There are 2 types of search:

  1. Search Business
    To search by a business' or organisation's name, its incorporation number, or its New Zealand Business Number (NZBN).
  2. Search Role
    To search by officer, partner or trustee name.
    Note, search by role is not available for all business and organisation types.

Each search type has its own ‘advanced’ search criteria. See Advanced search options.

By selecting 'Search Business' from the menu you can search across all registers, or search within a specific register by selecting it from the drop-down list.

You must then enter the business name or NZBN, choose to conduct either a ‘contains’, ‘starts with’ or ‘equals’ (exact match) search, and submit your search criteria.

The system will return results matching both current and previous trading, business and organisation names.

Search for a business

You can also search by role, across all registers, or within a specific register by selecting it from the drop-down list. Enter the name of the person who is a partner, trustee or officer and submit your search criteria.

The search tool will return any partner, trustee or officer with the name you have entered in your search criteria. The results returned include the person’s role and appointment date, and the business or organisation they are engaged by in that role.

You can then select the business or organisation to view further information.

Search by role in a society Search by role in a limited partnership

Advanced search options

If you wish to refine your search for either of the search types – Search Business or Search Role – advanced options are available by clicking on the 'Advanced' link.

Please note the business industry code (BIC) description search is available only to sole traders, partnerships, and unincorporated trusts.

Advanced business search

Use the advanced business search to find specific results for:

  • the type of business
  • the status of the business
  • the date of registration
  • address keywords.

Business type

There are 9 business types to choose from:

  1. sole trader
  2. partnership
  3. trust
  4. central government
  5. local government
  6. education
  7. other public entity
  8. limited partnership (New Zealand)
  9. overseas limited partnership.

Business status

There are 6 options for business status:

  1. registered
  2. inactive
  3. external administration
  4. dissolved
  5. deregistered
  6. closed.

Advanced role search

Use the advanced role search to find specific results for:

  • the type of role
  • the status of the role
  • the status of the business
Search for a business

Understanding your search results

Each search result will include the following business details:

  • name
  • NZBN
  • address
  • registration date
  • business type
  • business status

Select the business name to view the information for that business. Please note only publicly available information will be displayed.

Exporting your search results

You can sort your results by ascending or descending order, and save your results either as a PDF or Excel file.

Searching our smaller registers

To search other registers maintained by the Companies Office, choose the 'Other registers search' option on the Companies Office website. Look for it under the ‘All registers’ menu.

Other registers search

More about NZBN

The NZBN website provides information about the NZBN and how to use it, and the primary business data associated with an NZBN. You can also search the NZBN Register for any business with a NZBN.

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