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A new Incorporated Societies Act comes fully into force in October 2023

From October 2023 your society will be able to apply for reregistration. Between now and then, there are a number of different things happening. Along the way we’ll provide information and resources to help you understand what’s changing and to help your society prepare.

Regulations are in the works

Regulations to support the new Act will determine some of the details of the new regime, such as how your society will apply for reregistration and what penalties your society would face if it breached its obligations.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) sought feedback on what regulations should be made . Consultation has now closed and MBIE is considering the feedback received. The finalised regulations will be published around September 2023.

A video highlighting some key points about the law changes coming for incorporated societies. New Zealand Companies Office

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Incorporated Societies law changes.

You have to reregister from October 2023.

To reregister you'll need to check your constitution.

Key changes once you have reregistered:

  • Prepare financial statements to new standards
  • File an annual return each year
  • Hold your AGM within new timeframes.

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