Fees for incorporated societies

Where fees apply, and how to pay

There are fees to pay for certain transactions on the Incorporated Societies Register. You can pay in a number of ways.

Companies Office fees

All fees are in New Zealand dollars (NZD)

Service Fee
excl GST
Application to incorporate a society $88.89 $102.22
Application to restore a society to the register $177.78 $204.45

Paying fees when using our online services

If you have an online services account with us, a message will appear when you're performing a transaction that has a fee attached. You can select 'Pay Now' to proceed, or 'Exit' to end the transaction without payment.

If you've set up a direct debit payment option on your account, you're invoiced monthly for any fees charged to your account.

You can also pay fees as you go using a credit or debit card, or using internet banking.

Paying fees when submitting manual forms

For transactions where a fee applies you'll find a payment details page as part of the form. Complete the details choosing whichever payment method suits you — Using a credit or debit card or by direct debit.

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When an incorporated society reaches the end of its 'life', it must be wound up and removed from the register. There are two ways this can be done – by dissolving the society, or having it liquidated.

Restoring an incorporated society to the register 2 guides

An application can be made to us to have an incorporated society restored to the register, by the society itself, or by a creditor. You'll need to provide evidence to support your application.

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Forms you'll need to register your incorporated society and keep it up to date, along with a schedule of fees payable.