Need help drafting your society’s rules?

For those looking to draft a constitution or 'set of rules' for an incorporated society, we’ve created the Constitution Builder, a new do-it-yourself online tool.

Every incorporated society is required to have a set of rules stating clearly how it intends to be run. These rules must cover certain basic functions and responsibilities, such as why the society exists, the conditions of membership, and how the society will hold meetings, make decisions and elect officers.

Our new online tool can produce a draft document containing most of the content required in a constitution; however, it is not a substitute for expert legal advice. Any draft constitution produced with the help of the rules builder should be discussed with a society’s members, and a professional consulted, before it is finalised.

How the tool works

The Constitution Builder compiles a draft set of rules based on your selections. The headings and sub-headings describe the nature of each rule. The rules are also classified in one of three ways:

  • mandatory – these ensure that a constitution can be easily understood.
  • recommended – to be included when a society’s constitution needs to comprehensive.
  • optional – commonly found in constitutions adapted to suit the particular type of society.

Commentaries are provided for each rule, to help you make your selection.

Use our Constitution Builder tool

Let us know what you think

We’re keen to refine the tool to make it as useful as we can, so we’d love to hear your feedback.

Let us know what you think of our Constitution Builder tool

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